Dish has officially completed the acquisition of the merged T-Mobile’s mandated divestiture of its various prepaid carriers — now all under the Boost Mobile umbrella — valued at $1.4 billion. With new ownership comes immediate changes such as a modified logo and new rate plans effective tomorrow.

Boost will slim down from three plans to two. One is called “$hrink-It!,” which provides 15GB of data for an initial rate of $45 per month before dropping to $40 after three on-time payments and then to $35 after six — the company offered a similar Shrinkage scheme until July 2014. The other plan allots 10GB of data with unlimited talk and text for a flat $35 per month.

As it stands today, there’s a $35 rate plan that includes 3GB of high-speed data, unlimited low-speed data as well as talk and text, a 480p cap on video streaming, zero-rate music streaming, 12GB of high-speed mobile hotspot, and a complimentary 6-month subscription to TIDAL. The $50 tier quashes the high-speed data cap while the $60 plan raises hotspot allowance to 30GB and the ceiling on video streaming to 1080p.

We’re working to get more details about the new plans from Boost and will update this story when we have more information.