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Android 10 Rules lastly pressed out to (some) Google Pixel users

Android 10 Rules lastly pressed out to (some) Google Pixel users

The Rules feature on Android 10.The Rules feature on Android 10.

Android 10 previews flaunted a Rules function, allowingusers to automate settings based upon location and/or Wi-Fi connection. The function disappeared for the a lot of part following the last Android 10 release, but it looks like Google has actually pushed it out to plenty more people.Android Police reports that the function is now available to a variety of Pixel phones on Android 10, and we can validate seeing it on our Pixel 4 as well (running Android 10 and the February 2020 patch). It can be discovered by tapping Settings > > System > Advanced > > Rules, or by merely searching for “rules” in the settings search bar.

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The function is really fundamental right now however, only allowing you to set your phone to quiet, vibrate, ring, or Do Not Disturb based upon your area or connected Wi-Fi hotspot. So you can set your device to Do Not Disturb when you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi, or set it to ring when you’re at the regional shopping center. Furthermore, there’s a toggle to recommend new rules based on your habits.It’s a little frustrating that Rules isn’t as extensive as LG’s Smart Settings/Context Awareness, which also lets you release a wanted app when wired earphones or Bluetooth accessories are linked. LG’s take on Rules lets you toggle Wi-Fi connectivity based on your area. If you want to immediately disable Wi-Fi and conserve juice when out and about, this is completely possible.Nevertheless, we’re thankful to see Google lastly rolling out Rules, and here’s hoping they rapidly bring more triggers and actions to the table. Did you get Rules on your device? Let us know in the remarks!

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