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Huawei’s most current license extension cut in half by United States government

Huawei’s most current license extension cut in half by United States government

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 Huawei Mate 30 Pro Huawei Logo Huawei Mate 30 Pro Huawei Logo The United States and Huawei have been at loggerheads since May in 2015, when the Chinese company was initially put on the notorious US Entity list.

Ever since, Huawei has only been able to carry out organisation with US companies at the grace of the United States Department of Commerce and its regular license extensions.The last 90-day extension was handed out in November 2019, which indicates it’s time for a renewal or cancellation. Much to Huawei’s relief, it’s gotten the former.How long is the extension and what does it suggest for Huawei?The temporary general license which permits American companies to do some organisation with Huawei has been extended for another 45 days. Here’s what the Department of Commerce composed in its extension statement:< blockquote class= "quote_new center"

readability =” 7″ > The 45-day extension is necessary to permit existing telecommunication suppliers– especially those in rural United States neighborhoods– the ability to continue to temporarily and safely operate existing networks while they identify options to Huawei for future operation

United States Commerce Department

While this may be great news for Huawei and its United States partners, the license extension has been halved this time around. A 45-day extension instead of 90 days does not look very promising for the future of US-Huawei relations. It also even more reduces hope of Huawei phones regaining Google services whenever soon.Related: Huawei representative says business won’t use Google apps even if it can The obstacle can be attributed to Huawei’s ongoing tussle with the United States federal government. Things have actually heated up quite a bit in the current past. Huawei has refuted claims made by US authorities that it has backdoors to network service providers around the globe. Meanwhile, the United States Department of Justice has actually filed a rather extreme indictment against Huawei, accusing it of racketeering.It’s tough to state if the United States government’s actions are genuinely required or if Huawei has simply ended up ending up being an unwilling pawn in the currently bothered US-China trade relations. associated short article related short article Editor’s Pick Everything we understand so far about the Huawei P40 series( Updated Feb. 4) Evan Blass Update: February 4, 2020( 9:57

AM ET): We’ve updated the post with a possibly leaked image of the Huawei P40. See the roundup below for more! Initial Article: November 18, 2019(
11:11 AM ET): Huawei … Just what will be the future of Huawei phones in such an environment? Looks like the company will need to double down on its HMS offerings and try to find immediate alternatives to Google apps in order to protect its

international interests.Otherwise, Huawei might be taking a look at losing its popular position in the mobile phone market to other Chinese rivals.

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