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It’s video game over for HQ Trivia, live test app shuts down

It’s video game over for HQ Trivia, live test app shuts down

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HQ Trivia has actually streamed its last video game. HQ, the business behind the once-popular streaming mobile test game, closed down on Friday. The company had about 25 workers at the time of its closing, according to CNN Business. In an email sent out to staff members, HQ CEO Rus Yusupov mentioned that the business believed it had a purchaser for the business. The unnamed purchaser unexpectedly pulled their deal, and HQ’s existing financiers were unwilling to money the business anymore.Read more:

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It was a brief run for HQ Trivia, which released in August 2017 for iOS and expanded to Android in February 2018. That was the year HQ Trivia took off and became a mainstream mobile gaming hit. The company streamed live trivia games with a host as much as twice a day. It offered cash prizes at the end of its matches for the online players who handled to correctly complete all of the concerns. The primary host of HQ Trivia was Scott Rogowsky, an amusing gamemaster who became a star in his own right.HQ Trivia

had more than 2 million concurrent players at one point in 2018. Prize money for the winners went as high as $400,00 for just one video game. The service likewise produced millions in profits due to in-game ad handle business like Nike, Warner Bros and more. Famous guests like Robert De Niro and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson often signed up with Rogowsky in live video games. The app spawned lots of copy cats too. The appeal of the app and service would not last. HQ Trivia started losing great deals of its live gamers later in 2018. To make matters worse, in December 2018, one of the company’s co-founders, Colin Kroll, died.

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HQ would try to regain some of its popularity by introducing brand-new apps and games, including HQ Words and HQ Sports. It would likewise tinker with its total quiz and prize free gift format. However, Scott Rogowsky chose to leave the company in April 2019, and HQ laid off parts of its personnel later on that year.Did you play HQ

Trivia and are you sorry that the video game and app has been closed down?