These days, many websites require you to create an account and log in to gain access to all features. Sometimes that can be a little sketchy, though, especially with the prolific data breaches that seem to occur every few weeks. That’s why many services choose to allow users to authenticate themselves via Google or Apple, since it allows them to leave security to the big dogs. And now it looks like Reddit is soon to join those ranks, as it’s been spotted testing logins through both Google and Apple.

The feature doesn’t appear to be rolling out widely yet, as most users still see signing up with email and password as the sole option. When the capability does begin to make it to more people, there will be both “Continue with Google” and “Continue with Apple” buttons on the login page. Clicking either one will allow you to keep on Redditing without having to manually input your username and password.

At least, that’s the hope. Apparently, the current behavior creates a new Reddit account when signing in with Google, even if your Google account email was already used when setting up a Reddit account previously. Needless to say, this renders the option even less convenient than signing in the normal way. Our tipster also sent an image of the account settings page showing that you’ll be able to link your existing Reddit account to either Google or Apple after the fact.

I’m not seeing these options myself on desktop nor in the Android app. There are still some things that need to be addressed before release, like the new account creation bug, or how these new login choices will work with two-factor authentication — Reddit’s existing implementation leaves a lot to be desired, and moving to Google logins could smooth over some hiccups for mobile users. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before this functionality begins rolling out to more people.