LG’s smartphone division has performed poorly for years, and discarding the usual yearly release cycle didn’t help matters much. According to Korean news site Naver, LG is planning something a bit more drastic — ending the ‘G’ product series that the company has used since the 2012 LG Optimus G.

The report from Naver states that LG is discontinuing the ‘G’ brand, though it’s not clear what impact that will have on the hardware direction. The company’s next mainstream phone is still tentatively called the ‘G9 ThinQ,’ but it’s supposedly using a Snapdragon 700-series SoC, instead of the 800-series chips that most flagship phones use today. There are also rumors that Google is going the same direction with the upcoming Pixel 5.

LG’s next flagship is also expected to have an attachable second screen, just like last year’s G8X, as well as a 6.7-inch screen (or possibly larger) and four cameras. The price in Korea is rumored to be under 1 million won, or about ~$825.