Home Apple This week in Apple: iPhone 9 might be mad low-cost, ‘AirPods Pro Lite’ possible

This week in Apple: iPhone 9 might be mad low-cost, ‘AirPods Pro Lite’ possible

This week in Apple: iPhone 9 might be mad low-cost, ‘AirPods Pro Lite’ possible

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This week in Apple news we heard more about rates for the upcoming iPhone 9

  • (or iPhone SE 2, choose). The mid-range entry in the iPhone lineup is expected to introduce in just a couple of months, and the price tag mightpit it against the Google Pixel 3a. Somewhere else, we heard Apple news related to some sort of”Lite” version of the Apple AirPods Pro, the FTC making some big relocations examining Apple and other tech business, and how the HomePod is really not doing well at all in the wise speaker market.See the Apple news roundup below for all
  • the latest.The top Apple newspaper article of the past week: Mid-range iPhone could be cheaper than anticipated: According to a report this previous weekend from Fast Company, the iPhone SE 2– or iPhone 9, as it may be called– might be priced as low as $ 399. This would make it less than half as pricey as the iPhone 11 Pro and put it in direct competition with the Google Pixel 3a. Apple could be working on a”Lite” version of the AirPods Pro: According to some supply chain information dispensed by DigiTimes, Apple might be working on a less-expensive variant of its AirPods Pro. We’re not sure what that would imply as there are currently the regular AirPods that are more affordable and with less features. It might be an error and Apple is merely working on AirPods Lite that will
  • be cheaper than regular AirPods. Stay tuned, we guess.California says Apple must pay its workers for their time: When Apple Store employees leave work, they are subject to bag security checks. Makes sense? Apple does not pay workers for the time it takes for them to wait for a bag check and go through the monitoring procedure. Does not make sense at all? California lawmakers agree and will now force Apple to pay staff members for their bag check time.FTC analyzing Big Tech business, consisting of Apple: This week, it came out that the FTC is looking into anti-trust problems that might have originated through Big Tech acquisitions. The government organization is checking out Apple as well as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft.The HomePod is still doing quite improperly in the market: Apple’s one and
  • just smart speaker, the HomePod, isn’t doing too well. A current report from Strategy Analytics (through Business Wire)shows the HomePod in 6th location for market share. The business with the most market share, in order, are Amazon, Google, Baidu, Alibaba, Xiaomi, and after that Apple.Thinking about making the switch? If you are reading this Apple news post on an iOS gadget and thinking about making the switch to Android, we have numerous articles and guides that can help you with that procedure. Regardless of how it may seem, moving from iOS to Android is much easier than ever, and a number of the services and systems on iOS have comparable or perhaps the exact same counterparts on Android.

    The finest location to start would be our guide on how to change from iPhone to Android, which reviews all the basics. We likewise have more specific guides, such as how to transfer your calendar from iPhone to Android. We likewise have app guides that will offer you the best alternatives to iOS staples, such as our list of finest options to FaceTime on Android.If you’re trying to find a terrific Android device to replace your iPhone, consult our list of the best Android smartphones available now. More posts about apple