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Torture test: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra battery life at 120Hz vs 60Hz

Torture test: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra battery life at 120Hz vs 60Hz

The rectangle-shaped slabs in our pockets aren’t worth much if the batteries are dead. Battery life is crucial, and phones that provide more than a day of uptime deserve appreciation. If your phone expenses $1,400, you should anticipate the best, right? Where does the costly Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra battery fall when it comes to longevity?Samsung made this a tough question to answer. The phone might have a large 5,000 mAh power cell tucked inside, but the screen is similarly large and, more significantly, runs in 3 different modes: Full HD +at 60Hz, Full HD +at 120Hz, and Quad HD+ at 60Hz. We checked all 3 to provide the last word on which mode provides the best battery life.Methodology Android Authority has numerous different goal tests to identify battery life. Usually, we run three tests: a video loop, a web searching loop, and a shorter blended video/web loop until

the phone passes away. These provide a fair procedure for what people can get out of typical use.But how does the battery perform under challenging conditions? Believe video gaming and other processor-intensive applications.Our latest test is a killer. It integrates Speed Test G, which runs the phone through a successive series of different processor trials, with a battery test. You can see what Speed Test G appears like in our trial run below. It evaluates how the phone performs graphics rendering in the Unity and Unreal engines, along with how it manages 16 thread estimations at the very same time, blurring, SQLite and JSON calculations, sorting and compression, infinite scroll, and more. Speed Test G is hard on phones. Now, envision running Speed Test G in a continuous loop until the phone’s battery dies. That’s what we did to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra battery.What this reveals us is the approximate worst battery life you can expect from the phone.ResultsSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra face profile times square

The S20 Ultra has a 6.9-inch screen that can be set to three standard screen modes. Out of package, the phone is set to Full HD+with the refresh rate at 60Hz. This suggests the screen is rejuvenating 60 times per second. You can choose a greater refresh rate, or Full HD +at 120Hz. This doubles the variety of times the screen revitalizes each second. Naturally you ‘d anticipate that to impact battery life. Last, you can keep the refresh rate at 60Hz, but increase the resolution to the complete Quad HD+. In this mode, the phone is illuminating 2 million more pixels than at Full HD+

. Again, it should amaze nobody that this might impact battery life.We set the screen brightness to 200 nits, which, when it comes to the S20 Ultra, was at 58.9%. We evaluate all batteries at 200 nits to provide similar results.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Battery Life GraphSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Battery Life Graph

The stock screen setting offered the most uptime. The Galaxy S20 Ultra battery ran for 4 hours 58 minutes. Bear in mind, that’s running a continuous Speed Test G loop, or pushing the processor pretty hard while keeping the screen on.Boosting the screen revitalize rate to 120Hz took a noticeable toll on battery life. In this configuration, the Galaxy S20 Ultra battery ran for 4 hours 32 minutes. That’s a drop of about 9 % when compared to the 60Hz setting.Last, we evaluated the battery at


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra processor performanceSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra processor performance

in three flavors, and the Plus design isn’t at the … Speed In addition to gathering battery life data, our test likewise reveals us how the processor performs. If you’re curious to see how the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra processor compares to other current flagships, we’ve got a nice little chart for you.The bulk of phones on this chart have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor under the hood. Only the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a Snapdragon 865. The performance increase of the 865 is clear, however, when pit versus the field. The only phone that comes close is the Asus ROG Phone 2, which has a supercharged 855 under the hood.Thoughts? Musings? Do not hesitate to add your remarks below.


Galaxy S20 Ultra The current and greatest from Samsung The Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, and Galaxy S20 Ultra are super-premium 5G smartphones southern Korean business. No matter what you’re looking for, the Galaxy S20 line likely has something to suit your requirements.

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