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Xiaomi has shut down the very first and only Mi Store in the UK

Xiaomi has shut down the very first and only Mi Store in the UK

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The shop, which was located in the Westfield shopping mall in Sheperd’s Bush, London, formally closed on March 5, 2020. The Twitter represent the store is now offline( thanks to reader Daniel Bertman for the idea) and the Westfield London site has been updated with a disclaimer that the UK Mi Store is no longer open for trading.In a declaration

, a Xiaomi spokesperson stated of the decision to close the UK Mi Store:

This change to our local retail technique is a reaction to our quick growing service in Western Europe. Given that our official arrival in the UK over one year ago, we have actually loved building relationships with our users, Mi Fans and partners and thank them all for their support. UK users and Mi Fans can continue to buy Xiaomi items through our main website mi.com/uk and other authorities channels that will be revealed in addition to our product launches in the future.The UK Mi Store first opened its doors in late November following the Chinese brand name’s official( and rather rough) entry into the UK market. The relocation followed quick development for Xiaomi across Western Europe, starting with its debut in Spain in 2017. Since then, the brand name has actually increased to fourth in general market share throughout Europe and in Q3 2019 it reported a shocking 73% year-on-year development according to research study company Canalys.Android Authority went to the store soon after its busy opening day where it invited queues of Xiaomi fans and other customers. related article Editor’s Pick Xiaomi’s UK Mi Store is like a crazier Apple Store where you can in fact pay for stuff Xiaomi’s recent U.K. launch was something of a variety, but

between the arrival

of mega-affordable flagship phones, electric scooters you can’t ride in public, and a’ Flash Sale ‘that went awfully wrong, there was … In addition to a range of phones from throughout Xiaomi’s Mi, Redmi, and Poco brand names, the store also stocked devices, wearables, a litany of unusual and wonderful smart home devices, as well as screwdrivers,

umbrellas, and even electrical scooters.As well as the Mi UK site, Xiaomi phones– consisting of the recently released Xiaomi Mi Note 10– and other devices can also be purchased online in the UK through Amazon UK.

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